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If Arizona is back in the game and President Donald Trump maintains his leadership in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, he will win. This is likely to happen despite pressure from the conformist media to deny it – I am talking about Fox News catching up with CNN and MSNBC in the elections so far. During the day, the moderators seem more interested in what Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer think of them as like-minded people than in an objective view of the vote count.

Americans – all of us – recognize that we have been fed a narrative that was untrue, biased, and so false that both sides will feel betrayed if the other side wins. If you’re in Biden’s camp, you’ve been told by CNN, MSNBC, Twitter, Facebook, and Google that Biden would win by landslide. If you are in the Trump camp, you were told by Fox News, Twitter, Facebook and Google that Biden would win a landslide victory.

The biggest losers in this election, apart from the American people, are those who have lost credibility with their dishonest predictions. These cheerleaders forced their bias on the voters and said they had corrected their 2016 mistakes. They had not – they had doubled.

Americans are now suspicious that if Trump wins the election, Biden will be robbed – and that if Biden wins, Biden will be robbed from Trump. The cheerleaders did not predict a close election and prepared the Americans for the chaos of a close race. They said there was little chance that Trump could win, but here we are.

The American people were fed a false narrative. We need to look at the press, the experts and the pollsters with a skepticism unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. The distrust of the press and pollsters is at an all-time high for good reason. This election will cement the view that the polls cannot be trusted, that the media are delivering jubilant results and that the experts should be dismissed.

If the press, the experts and the polls were wrong, why assume that the Associated Press was right about Arizona – a state that was called to Biden way too soon and where it looks like it’s going to be trumped? Arizona should be taken out of the Biden victory column and put in the column of draws.

Arizona needs to be put back in the game – because it is in the game and the Trump campaign expects the President to win it by 30 to 40,000 votes. Arizona will let Trump win.

The media will do everything in their power to keep Arizona in the Biden column, call Nevada and declare the election over. Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, where the Trump campaign says it has insurmountable leadership positions, should already have been on the electoral college’s map.

In the last four months I have traveled to restricted states and battleground states, which were mostly one and the same. In order to assess whether Trump will win, one must talk to the voters who must defeat him. From my atmospheric methodology I learned that few anti-trump voters believed that the press and polls would lead to a landslide victory for the Biden.

I have interviewed hundreds of Republican, Democratic and Independent anti-trump women in these states, the majority (60 percent) of whom are Latino and African-American. Why women? Because they know who their inner circle votes for, and because they are the most offended by Trump.

I have repeatedly asked three questions during my travels to the combat states: “Who do you want to win? “Who do you think will win?” and “Why?”

Six out of ten women I interviewed wanted Biden to win, but believed Trump would win. They believed it because of the economy and the American desire for law and order. They did not believe the cheerleaders in the media, they did not trust the polls, and they remembered 2016.

The Biden supporters should be as upset as the Trump supporters with the narrative they received from the press, experts and pollsters. If Trump wins, they should blame the cheerleaders for the 2020 pep rallies.

Michael Pregent is a senior staff member of the Hudson Institute and a former intelligence officer specializing in the Middle East. Follow him on @mppregent on Twitter.

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