After threatening to throw their 2-month-old daughter from the balcony, a man kidnaps his girlfriend and injures her.


After threatening to throw their 2-month-old daughter from the balcony, a man kidnaps his girlfriend and injures her.

When police tracked down a Vancouver man who was on a no-contact order with his girlfriend, he was accused of kidnapping her and attempting to murder their 2-month-old daughter.

When Aarondeep Johal, 32, of Ridgefield, reportedly kidnapped his 25-year-old girlfriend after she sought aid at a convenience shop in Vancouver on Sunday, he was out on bond in a pending domestic violence case. According to The Columbian, Johal was also accused of abusing her and attempting to kill their infant daughter at the woman’s home.

When the police arrived to the woman’s flat, they discovered her with blood on her head exiting the building. Officers entered the apartment and discovered the man holding his 2-month-old child in one hand and a hammer in the other. With the hammer, he allegedly threatened to kill the infant.

Johal threatened to toss the newborn off the balcony after the authorities forced him to drop the hammer. However, deputies were able to prevent him from entering the balcony. Meanwhile, according to News Channel 3, Johal placed the baby between his chest and a wall and began crushing his young daughter against the wall until she went limp.

The cops even tried to stun Johal with a stun gun, but it proved futile. After then, one of the officers hit Johal in the face, while the other officers seized his arms to free the infant from his grip. After that, the mother and the baby were transferred to the hospital.

The clerk at the store where the woman sought assistance in the early hours of Sunday was interviewed by the police. He told the authorities that the suspect pursued the woman through the store, grabbing her phone and smashing it against the wall. Johal then allegedly took her out of the store and shoved her into a car, which he then drove to the woman’s apartment.

According to court documents, the accused picked up his youngest child from a relative who was watching the couple’s children at around 2:45 a.m. the same night.

Johal is charged with attempted murder in the first degree, two counts of first-degree kidnapping, domestic violence assault, felony no-contact order violation, and resisting arrest. On Monday, he appeared in Clark County Superior Court and was released on $1 million bail.


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