After the windows of a home were damaged, a man armed with an axe assaulted the teens.


After the windows of a home were damaged, a man armed with an axe assaulted the teens.

After months of harassment, a “family man” armed himself with an axe before confronting a gang of “hostile teenagers.”

On the afternoon of Thursday, March 11, Norman Gray, 50, of Crown Avenue, Widnes, resorted to arming himself with the weapon, which is often used for chopping logs.

A witness saw Gray with the axe on Westminster Close and saw him “moving it from hand to hand and walking towards a group of four guys and one female,” according to Chris Taylor, prosecuting at Liverpool Crown Court today.

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Gray was seen going towards the group with a long-handled axe on his phone, which was shown in court.

Four males had been accused of “damaging the defendant’s address and car” by shattering the windows in his house with a crowbar and beating his van.

“I’m not going to lie, I’ve gone around with an axe,” he told officers as they sat him in their car.

“I went back because he came out with a shovel.”

The alleged vandals were not “officially recognized,” according to Mr Taylor, thus no action was taken against them.

The heinous acts on March 11 came after three months of adolescents “harassing” Gray’s family, “shouting obscenities,” and “beeping their automobiles,” according to Mr Taylor.

Gray claimed that on the day in question, a male had “parked on the corner of his street and beeped his horn.”

Gray later heard a huge shatter while inside his house, and said that “four males had come into his house” and smashed windows and wrecked his van.

“I wanted to confront them and ask why they had harmed his property,” Gray explained.

He went into his garden and picked up an axe to hack logs for firewood.

The existence of wood was confirmed by bodycam footage from the police department.

Gray, a “family man” with no prior convictions, said he didn’t intend to use the axe but took it to “defend himself” because he knew the group had at least a crowbar.

In the ensuing ruckus, no one was harmed or wounded.

Gray later pleaded guilty to having a bladed object in public at the first chance.

Mr. Taylor concurred. The summary comes to a close.


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