After the US pledged 500 million immunizations, Biden urged other leaders to join him.


After the US pledged 500 million immunizations, Biden urged other leaders to join him.

After promising to provide 500 million doses of coronavirus vaccines, President Joe Biden has invited international leaders to join him in sharing vaccinations with struggling countries around the world.

Mr Biden announced the US commitment to vaccine sharing in Cornwall, ahead of a summit of the Group of Seven international leaders. This comes on top of the 80 million doses he has previously pledged by the end of the month.

He maintained that making immunization freely and quickly available everywhere was in both America’s and the world’s interests.

“We’re going to engage with our global allies to help lead the globe out of this pandemic,” Mr Biden said.

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, praised the US commitment and urged Europe to follow suit.

At a press conference, he added, “I believe the European Union needs to have at least the same level of ambition as the United States” and be able to make a comparable declaration.

Mr. Biden stated that the US was sharing its dosages “without conditions” or “demand for favors.”

He stated, “We’re doing this to save lives, to end this pandemic, and that’s it.”

Mr. Biden had been under increasing pressure to define his worldwide vaccine sharing proposal, especially as supply disparities have grown more severe around the world and demand for doses in the United States has declined in recent weeks.

Mr Biden said that “in times of need, Americans reach out to provide help,” and that the US doses would “supercharge” the worldwide vaccine campaign. “Our principles compel us to do everything possible to protect the world from Covid-19.′′

The United States has pledged to buy and distribute 500 million Pfizer doses to 92 low-income nations and the African Union through the global Covax alliance, ensuring the first reliable supply of mRNA vaccine to those who need it most. The cost of the 500 million doses has not been disclosed, but the United States is slated to become Covax’s greatest vaccine contributor as well as its single greatest financier, with a $4 billion commitment.

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