After the tips of her fingers turn dark blue, the woman’s diagnosis goes from bad to worse.


After the tips of her fingers turn dark blue, the woman’s diagnosis goes from bad to worse.

Due to extreme agony, a woman believed she had broken her wrist but was subsequently given a tragic diagnosis.

Nikki Mitchell, who lives near Sefton Park, first noticed symptoms about a decade ago and claimed the pain in her right wrist came on “very, really abruptly.”

It was so awful that the 63-year-old felt she’d fractured her wrist and rushed to A&E for an X-Ray, only to discover it wasn’t.

Nikki developed pain in her left wrist a few days later, and doctors diagnosed her with carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by strain on the nerve in the wrist, and prescribed steroid injections.

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“The pain came on really, really abruptly in my right wrist, and I genuinely believed I had broken it, the pain was that bad,” the 63-year-old told The Washington Newsday.

“That happened on Thursday, and by Sunday, it had spread to my left wrist.

“I went to Accident and Emergency on Thursday and requested an X-Ray.

“Then on Sunday, my son drove me up there, and we stayed until three a.m., and they said everything was great and it was just carpal tunnel syndrome.

“So I had to have steroid injections in both of my wrists, which were excruciatingly painful.”

Nikki claimed the injections were ineffective, and she was eventually diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), an inflammatory disease that causes joint destruction.

“It did absolutely no good,” Nikki said, “so my doctor referred me to rheumatology, where they diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis through exams and blood testing.

“It wasn’t long until I was experiencing pain and stiffness in my fingers, toes, shoulders, hips, and elbow joints, which had a significant influence on my life.”

Nikki received even more bad news in 2018, when the tips of her fingers turned “dark blue” and she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, which causes the joints to swell, stiffen, and become painful.

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