After the outbreak, students were ‘given the option’ to stay at home instead of going to school.


After the outbreak, students were ‘given the option’ to stay at home instead of going to school.

After a coronavirus epidemic, children at one Birkenhead school have been advised they can stay at home.

After a number of staff members and pupils at The Birkenhead School on Beresford Road in Oxton, Wirral, tested positive for the virus, youngsters in Years 7-11 are being given the option of visiting the school in person or remotely, according to The Washington Newsday.

Sixth Form students must attend the independent school as usual.

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Following the Covid-19 outbreak, it is believed that a large number of secondary school students have decided not to attend today.

“The school is open, as it has been for the last 18 months, and Prep and Sixth Form delivery continues unaltered,” stated Paul Vicars, headmaster of The Birkenhead School.

“Over the previous ten days, we’ve seen a surge in positive Covid instances, particularly among students in Years 7-11 and among staff.”

“We’ve been in contact with Public Health England on a regular basis, and they’ve been extremely pleased with our control systems and the additional precautionary measures we’ve implemented.”

“With the numbers of students absent, and in order to provide the strongest and most consistent learning outcomes for Years 7-11 over the next three days only prior to heading into the half-term break, and in order to best support the welfare of our staff and the wider school community, we decided to move to a remote provision for these year groups,” Mr Vicars said, explaining the steps taken to manage the outbreak.

“Years 7-11 can participate in our 3-day remote offering, which is offered via our Virtual Learning Environment and interactive ways via Zoom, and has been fine-tuned over the previous 18 months, either on site or at home.

“This measure, together with the two-week half-term vacation [the school’s standard length for this break]beginning at the end of play on Friday, should help interrupt the virus’s propagation.”

“The vaccination program for children aged 12-15 continues unchanged, with significant numbers of students being vaccinated this Friday,” Mr Vicars said of the school’s future plans.

“When we return from half-term, we expect school to start as usual.””

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