After the leopard tries to drag away his daughter, a man fights back with sticks.


After the leopard tries to drag away his daughter, a man fights back with sticks.

After a leopard attacked his daughter and tried to pull her away into a village’s fields, a dad in India fought back.

The event occurred in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh on Monday evening. The child was wandering near the fields when the leopard pounced on her and snatched her, according to local media. According to News 18, the leopard’s father, who was nearby, quickly hunted it down and began thrashing it with sticks and stones. After that, the leopard let go of the girl and ran away.

While the father was fighting the leopard and yelling, neighbors came out of their homes to assist him in scaring the enormous creature away. The event was reported to the Solan district’s forest authority on Tuesday.

Senior forest department officials, as well as other members of the team, arrived at the spot for inspection, according to News18.

Officials from the Himachal Forest Department also paid a visit to the victim’s home to learn more about her health.

According to local media Amarujala, the girl did not receive any significant injuries. She was transferred to a local hospital for a medical exam to see if she had suffered any major internal injuries.

In recent months, several leopard attacks have been reported across the state of Himachal Pradesh.

In September, a 55-year-old woman was seen on tape battling off a leopard charging at her from behind in a similar brave deed. The incident occurred in Maharashtra, a state in western India. Despite being caught off surprise, the woman is seen fending off the animal in the footage. According to reports, the victim was Nirmala Singh, a resident of Aarey Colony in Mumbai, India’s financial center. The leopard can be seen lurking behind the bushes of Singh’s residence in the footage. The leopard then approaches the woman and attacks her slowly. The woman, on the other hand, manages to scare the beast away with her walking stick. Fortunately, Singh only sustained minor injuries to her arms and legs. She was brought to the hospital and was believed to be in stable condition at the time of the incident.


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