After the event was canceled, a Jewish group called on Herschel Walker to condemn antisemitic symbols.


After the event was canceled, a Jewish group called on Herschel Walker to condemn antisemitic symbols.

Herschel Walker, a Georgia Republican running for U.S. Senate, canceled a planned Texas fundraiser on Wednesday after it was revealed that the event’s presenter had used an anti-vaccine symbol with a swastika as her Twitter profile photo.

The leader of the Atlanta branch of the American Jewish Committee believes that canceling the event is insufficient, and has urged Walker, who has yet to respond, to condemn the repulsive imagery.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quoted Dov Wilker, the group’s regional director, as saying, “A swastika is a symbol of hate.” “Walker may have canceled his fundraiser after a sponsor proudly showed an antisemitic symbol, but he must instantly repudiate analogies between the Holocaust and COVID health programs.” The divisive symbol was a representation of a swastika constructed out of needles that was used to oppose the COVID-19 vaccine. Bettina Sofia Viviano-Langlais, a movie producer who was hosting the benefit on Saturday at her home in suburban Dallas, had lately used the illustration as her Twitter profile photo. Following press allegations of the image’s existence, the image was taken from her profile on Wednesday morning before her account was terminated entirely.

Walker did not address the matter with Fox News host Sean Hannity during a Wednesday appearance. His campaign initially denied the image was a swastika, with a representative telling The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that it wasn’t “Clearly, this is an anti-vaccination picture. Antisemitism and intolerance of any type are categorically condemned by Herschel.” Later, a Walker campaign spokeswoman issued a more detailed response that separated the candidate even further from the emblem and declared explicitly that he opposed such pictures.

“Herschel is a staunch supporter of Israel and the Jewish community, and he opposes all forms of racism and discrimination,” stated spokesman Mallory Blount. “While the graphic’s apparent goal was to protest government vaccine requirements, the symbol utilized is extremely unpleasant and does not reflect Herschel Walker’s or his campaign’s principles.” Walker “defended a swastika,” according to Georgia Democratic Party spokesperson Dan Gottlieb, who added that “cancelling a fundraiser does not change the reality that he refused to condemn a disgusting, antisemitic symbol.” Throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, pictures from the Holocaust have been used. This is a condensed version of the information.


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