After the death of Ava White, 12, police conduct fingertip searches for evidence.


After the death of Ava White, 12, police conduct fingertip searches for evidence.

Following the death of Ava White, police are conducting fingertip searches.

Following complaints of an attack, police were dispatched to Church Alley, located off Church Street in the city center, at around 8.39 p.m. on Thursday.

When cops arrived, they discovered Ava, who had been with friends, had slumped on the ground and was receiving first aid from a member of the public who had observed the occurrence.

A murder investigation has been opened after a 12-year-old girl died from ‘catastrophic injuries.’

Ava was rushed to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital by paramedics, but she unfortunately died a short time later despite medical staff’s best efforts.

A post-mortem will be performed by the Home Office to determine the cause of death.

Ava was allegedly involved in a “verbal disagreement” with pals on Church Alley after the 12-year-old was assaulted, resulting in “catastrophic injuries,” according to police.

Four young lads from Toxteth, one aged 13, two aged 14, and one aged 15, have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Today, there is a major emergency service presence throughout the city center.

While forensic experts continue their investigations, a large cordon covering Williamson Square, Tarleton Street, Church Street, Church Alley, and School Lane crossing Hanover Street on to Fleet Street remains in place.

Specialist cops are also seen scanning the city center streets with their fingertip searches.

On Williamson Street, six cops in a row were photographed conducting searches in full dress.

“Our thoughts and condolences go out to Ava’s family, who are being assisted by specialist Family Liaison officers,” Assistant Chief Constable Jon Roy said.

“Their world has been shattered, and no parent should ever have to deal with police officials knocking on their door to inform them that their child has died.

“We suspect Ava and her pals were involved in a verbal altercation that ended with Ava being assaulted and suffering catastrophic injuries.”

“The perpetrators were then observed running up School Lane, across Hanover Street, and onto Fleet Street, according to our sources.

“We have detained four males from Toxteth, one aged 13 years, two aged 14 years, and one aged 15 years.””

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