After the controversial Kelly guilty twist, Ofcom has filed a complaint against Coronation Street.


After the controversial Kelly guilty twist, Ofcom has filed a complaint against Coronation Street.

Following the contentious verdict in Seb Franklin’s murder trial, Coronation Street has been bombarded with Ofcom complaints.

According to Mirror Online, 137 outraged viewers of the long-running soap filed complaints with the broadcasting authority after Kelly Neelan was found guilty of the murder.

In flashback flashbacks, it was revealed that Corey Brent was the one who murdered Seb, despite Kelly’s best efforts to keep him away.

And if the character played by Maximus Evans gets away with the heinous crime, viewers of the ITV show have threatened to boycott the show.

After Corey was declared not guilty, he was spotted grinning and joking, and Seb’s distraught mother Abi believes the murderer’s father paid off witnesses to ensure his son’s judgment.

Kelly Neelan, meantime, was so heartbroken after learning she faces 12 years in prison and seeing Corey walk free that she attempted suicide.

Fans were outraged and flocked to Twitter to express their displeasure with the unjust ruling.

“Genuinely can’t watch #Corrie anymore if Corey is going to be regular,” Jade tweeted. He’s just filthy, and he makes me disgusted.”

“@itvcorrie you have completely botched up this storyline!” Roz said. I can’t stand it any longer, I’m done!!”

“Something needs to change in the second half or I won’t watch #Corrie again!” wrote a third.

“When @itvcorrie gets it completely wrong,” wrote another. When the story is based on an actual crime, that verdict is a disgrace. Sally and Mollie have given their all throughout this plot, and the scriptwriters owe them something greater. I’ve pressed the power button. #Corrie is appalling.”

Kelly will be seen adjusting to life behind bars in forthcoming episodes, when she is visited by her father’s old ally Sharon Geary.

Kelly’s father was gangster Rick, who was assassinated by Gary Windass – and Sharon tells the adolescent that she no longer has to worry about paying her petition to be released from prison because an anonymous payment has been made.

Kelly is overjoyed because she believes her father is the one who sent the money, proving that he is still alive and well. Mia, a fellow inmate, believes he’s been murdered and that his fate has been sealed. “The summary has come to an end.”


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