After telling the doctor, “I wish I had listened,” a fit and healthy father, 42, died of covid.


After telling the doctor, “I wish I had listened,” a fit and healthy father, 42, died of covid.

After testing positive for the virus, a “superfit” father-of-one who didn’t think he’d need the Covid vaccine died.

Before declining the Covid vaccine, John Eyers, 42, from Southport, assumed he would only experience a “minor sickness” because he was fit and healthy.

Jenny McCann, 42, his twin sister, recalled how the family was devastated when John McCann, the family’s sole breadwinner, was admitted to the hospital with coronavirus and died four weeks later.

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“He was the fittest, healthiest person I knew,” Jenny remarked. Four weeks before his death, he was climbing Welsh mountains and wild camping.

“His only pre-existing medical issue was his conviction in his own invincibility. He believed he would be fine if he contracted Covid-19.

“He assumed he’d be sick for a short while. He refused to have a vaccine administered to him.”

John, an Ironman and avid mountain climber, died four weeks after testing positive for Covid from an illness and organ failure.

Jenny, who lives in North West London, claims that her brother informed his specialist that he wished he had been vaccinated before being placed on a ventilator.

“My 42-year-old twin brother died in ITU of Covid-19 last week,” she wrote online.

“Four weeks after testing positive, he died.”

Jenny claims that her brother was “pumped full of every medicine in the hospital” before succumbing to the infection.

“They hurled everything at him,” she claimed. Covid-19’s bedfellow, infection and organ failure, eventually claimed his life.

“He informed his consultant before he was ventilated that he wished he had been vaccinated. He wished he had paid attention. His demise was tragic. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. He is survived by his parents, a sister (myself), and a 19-year-old daughter.”

He died less than a month after conquering mountains in Wales and wild camping in the countryside.

On Christmas Day, John was characterized as a “fun uncle” who dressed up as Father Christmas.

Jenny went on to say, “My mother has lost her newborn boy.” My niece’s much-loved and much needed father. This shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

“My mother is concerned that others are aware of John’s existence. For.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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