After spotting a physical problem during Parkrun, a healthy father’s world was turned upside down.


After spotting a physical problem during Parkrun, a healthy father’s world was turned upside down.

After falling ill during a park run, a fit and healthy father was given only a 30% chance of life.

Paul Ives, 54, was paralyzed down his left side after sustaining a brain haemorrhage during a 5km run in the park in January 2020.

He was brought to the hospital, where his family was informed that he had a good chance of dying.

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Paul has fought valiantly during his recuperation, and this weekend the brave father-of-two will walk the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll mile to raise funds for The Brain Charity.

“I was jogging a 5km Parkrun in January 2020, did one lap round and wanted to speed up but my body wouldn’t move,” Paul recalled of the day he became unwell.

“I made it to the half-way point, met Toni, and had to lie down.”

“I was brought to the hospital and told by my wife Toni that I had a 70% probability of dying.”

The former town planner underwent a life-saving craniotomy operation, but the bleeding on his brain caused him to lose function of his left side.

He was transported to a local rehabilitation facility for 12 weeks of intensive physiotherapy, but he was one of the last patients to be allowed before the UK fell into lockdown in March due to COVID-19.

Paul is from Kent, but his father and partner live in Halewood, so he has close ties to the area.

“This Sunday, everyone else taking part will be dashing off to finish that mile, and I’ll be walking as quickly as I can,” he said ahead of his massive challenge in Liverpool.

“I’m disappointed that I can’t do more, but I’m so proud of how far I’ve gone when I look back.”

“It won’t be about speed for me; it’ll be about appreciating the fact that I’m still alive and able to keep going.”

“The hardest thing was not being able to see relatives on a daily basis,” Paul continued.

“It was my sense of humour that kept me going — I take each day as it comes.”

Paul has completed the Liverpool Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon three times and has raced 15 marathons in his life.

He hopes to do so in the future. “The summary has come to an end.”


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