After sparking a fire by spraying deodorant near a lit candle, a 13-year-old suffers burns.


After sparking a fire by spraying deodorant near a lit candle, a 13-year-old suffers burns.

A 13-year-old boy in London was burned all over after spraying deodorant too close to a lighted candle and accidently starting a fire.

Tuesday night, the boy’s mother was out shopping when she received a call from her daughter claiming “something burst.”

After telling her mother, the 15-year-old dialed 911 to have emergency personnel dispatched to her 20th-floor apartment. According to the Evening Standard, the youngster was sent to a local hospital for treatment, and the fire was promptly put out.

Diane Gray, the boy’s 61-year-old neighbor, told My London that she was the first person to help him after the fire.

“I arrived home from work about 7.30 p.m. and was ready to sit down to eat when I heard a big explosion. Because I couldn’t see anything but shattered glass streaming through our living room window, I got up and walked to my bedroom, not knowing what was going on. I went out to open the front door when I realized it wasn’t ours, and all I could hear was the youngster going ‘ah, ah, ah’ and running up and down in their lounge “She told the news organization.

The woman dashed up to the next floor after hearing the boy’s scream, only to see “the little kid was burned from here to here,” she added, pointing to a huge area of her torso.

Gray then got him into the shower right away because his skin had peeled.

Other inhabitants, meanwhile, were ordered to stay inside the building since it was unsafe for them to be outside.

“It sounded like glass being dropped down the chute like always, just stuff being put in the rubbish,” fellow resident Claire Walsh told My London after she heard the blast.

“Obviously, the windows had been blown out. We then heard fire engines approaching and saw them dashing around. Everyone was yelling, and the kids were dressed in their pajamas. Some of us were told to stay in while others were escorted out. It had been a particularly difficult night “she stated

The boy’s condition was unknown at the time.


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