After she flees out into the road, little girls notice a woman “sobbing.”


After she flees out into the road, little girls notice a woman “sobbing.”

Two teenage girls from Merseyside have been commended by a Merseyside mother after she “broke down” while leaving a festival.

Morgan Inman of Stockbridge Village went to her first festival this weekend with her best friend and her family to celebrate her friend’s birthday.

Morgan, 21, said a group of males were pressing in and yelling insults at her while waiting to enter the Reminisce event in St Helens, and that when they got inside, there were lineups “left right and center,” with card machines not working.

The festival’s spokeswoman claimed the organizers were “disappointed” by some of the issues but “proud” of the show, while organiser Lee Butler added: “We really tried our hardest.” We didn’t get everything perfect, but trust me when I say that we will learn from our mistakes and correct them.”

Morgan began to fear in the main tent as the day proceeded, and she was forced to leave early. Morgan said she suffered a panic attack outside the event but was taken aback when two “compassionate and loving young ladies” came to her rescue.

“When we were walking back into the main tent, that’s when my anxiety started setting in because everyone was just pushing,” she told The Washington Newsday. I was unable to move in any way.

“I got off the line and puked next to a tree, and people may have assumed I’d had too much to drink, although I had WKDs and was perfectly sober.”

Morgan opted to leave after conversing with her buddy and was shown to an exit by a staff member, but the event “broke down” after she left.

“I burst out crying, and everything around me was just spinning – I felt like I was going to collapse,” Morgan recalled. I couldn’t do anything because I couldn’t breathe.

“I was surrounded by people who could see how awful I was, but no one came over.

“I started to cross the road and didn’t notice the cars coming because I was panicking so badly. I had just crossed the street when I noticed the two young girls.

“They just came to a halt and asked what my name was and if I was okay,” says the narrator.

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