‘After she called her awful,’ the woman continued stabbing her best friend.


‘After she called her awful,’ the woman continued stabbing her best friend.

After calling her best friend “a disgusting person,” a woman claims she stabbed her 18 times.

Lauren Walsh stabbed Kelsey Gielinck several times before stabbing her boyfriend, Wesley Pemberton.

On April 14, the 22-year-old denies attempting to murder the couple at their Old Swan home on Southgate Road.

Miss Gielinck’s bank card had been stolen and used at Home Bargains and Tesco that morning, according to prosecutors, and she struck “without warning.”

Miss Gielinck told the jury she had no idea the card had been seized by Walsh at the time.

Walsh, on the other hand, said today that she “lost control” as a result of Miss Gielinck’s reaction when she admitted to the crime.

When swearing in to give testimony at Liverpool Crown Court, the nursery worker from Packenham Road in West Derby sobbed.

She admitted to stealing from both victims and injuring them with the purpose to cause serious bodily damage.

Walsh said she had been out of work for about three weeks at the time of the stabbing, but she lived with her mother and had no financial or “personal troubles” at the time.

Her barrister, Jamie Baxter, questioned her and she admitted to self-harming in 2015 after an uncle found she was stealing money from him.

Walsh admitted that she didn’t require the money, but that “if it was there, I would have the inclination to grab it.”

When it was revealed, the defendant said she felt dejected and “guilty,” but she sought counseling and didn’t steal again after getting a job at McDonald’s at 16 and subsequently working in a nursery.

Walsh said she and her colleague Miss Gielinck had become close friends and communicated on a regular basis by March 2020, and she also got along well with Mr Pemberton.

She said she didn’t have any “problems or aggressive feelings” toward either of them, but claimed she grabbed Miss Gielinck’s card on the spur of the moment in March.

“There was no reason for me to take it; it was just there and I took it,” Walsh claimed.

She stated she kept it in her handbag and chose to spend £144 with it on April 14 while out shopping.

Miss Gielinck allegedly commented on Facebook about being “scammed” before notifying Walsh on Snapchat, according to the verdict.

Walsh admitted to feeling “guilty” and “ashamed.” “The summary has come to an end.”


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