After service was reduced back, new locations for One Stop Shops were confirmed.


After service was reduced back, new locations for One Stop Shops were confirmed.

The new locations for Liverpool’s One Stop Shops have been disclosed, following a dramatic reduction in the service as a result of recent budget cuts.

During a recent budget consultation, Liverpool City Council suggested closing all of its permanent One Stop Shops and replacing them with pop-up, temporary services.

The One Stop Shops, which were originally located in eight different locations of Liverpool, provide a variety of different municipal services to customers under one roof, including assistance with benefits and paying Council Tax.

The idea to close all eight of the permanent stores was received with great criticism, prompting the council to reconsider the plans.

Cllr Jane Corbett, the new Deputy Mayor, wrote city councillors last night to notify them that the new Mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson, will confirm the updated plan and the new locations for the One Stop Shops at today’s cabinet meeting.

Only two full-time locations will remain, one at Toxteth Library and the other at Spellow Library, while this service will continue to operate in Kirkdale until the redevelopment work is done.

After that, seven part-time or pop-up sites will be established, each open two days a week.

Central Library, Old Swan Library, Kensington Library, Norris Green Library, Lee Valley Library, Speke Library, and Garston Library will all be hosting these events.

Cllr Corbett wrote to councillors in an email, saying: “The OSS service had eight shops at first, but by November 2020, it had been reduced to four.

“In December 2020, a budget decrease of £1.1 million was proposed, along with a new study and a switch to a digital service with simply a pop-up service. As a result, all of the permanent shops would close, resulting in the loss of 34 jobs and the employment of roughly 18 people.”

Wendy Simon, the former acting mayor, responded to concerns about the plans and decreased the budget decrease to £768,000, which was approved by full council.

Cllr Corbett went on to say: “The unions, staff, and councillors worked hard to come up with a revised plan that ensured no job losses, with 34 full-time employees and 18 part-time employees. The summary comes to a close.


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