After seeing her worst nightmare confirmed by doorbell camera footage, a woman “wants to move.”


After seeing her worst nightmare confirmed by doorbell camera footage, a woman “wants to move.”

After becoming the latest victims of a serial of vehicle thefts, a couple has been left devastated.

Residents in St Helens were left scared when vehicles were smashed into and taken all throughout town.

Laura Owen of Haydock is one of several persons who have reported missing vehicles after her partner Matt’s car and her own were both stolen from their driveway early on Thursday.

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“I don’t feel safe, neither do we,” she remarked. My father has purchased a number of cameras, sensors, and alarms for us, but I want to relocate. I’m not interested in staying here any longer.”

Laura said she awoke on Thursday to discover that someone had entered her home through the back window and taken both sets of car keys before exiting through the front patio doors.

The motion sensor doorbell recorded activity at her front entrance at 02.52 a.m., before her living room cameras captured her dog looking at something in the kitchen, where the thieves were suspected of breaking in.

Following her inquiries, she was informed by a neighbor who returned to his mother’s neighboring property at around 2.30 a.m. that he had chased away two guys who were attempting to access her automobile, which is the same model as Laura’s partner’s car, and ran them down the couple’s road.

Other neighbors have submitted CCTV footage from the night to Laura and Merseyside Police, with one example showing a male attempting to enter into a number of cars on the street before successfully obtaining entrance to one and taking goods out.

Laura claims that if the couple’s automobiles had not been stolen, they would never have realized that someone had broken into their home.

“It’s been so difficult to digest everything, from someone being in the house to the fact that we wouldn’t have realized someone was there,” she added.

“We haven’t sat down to think about it until after we’ve sorted everything out and made all the necessary phone calls.”

Anthony Murray of Windle’s Fistral Drive reported his automobile stolen. “The summary has come to an end.”


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