After seeing her hand while watching dolphins, a sailor saves a woman who had been floating at sea for hours.


After seeing her hand while watching dolphins, a sailor saves a woman who had been floating at sea for hours.

On a dark and gloomy day in Marina Del Rey, California, Khosrow “Koz” Khosravani observed a woman’s hand rising out of the water, turning a day meant to be enjoyed on a boat into a rescue mission. He found out afterwards that she had been trapped for 12 hours.

He told The Washington Newsday that he and his guests were about three miles offshore when they saw a dolphin pod from their boat. That fateful morning on September 26, he saw the woman’s hand for the first time. According to KTLA, he and a group of friends were sailing from Marina Del Rey to Malibu’s Paradise Cove.

“If it hadn’t been for the pod of dolphins, I wouldn’t have spotted her,” Khosravani told The Washington Newsday.

While the waves were not very high, he explained that they were sufficient to hinder the rescue attempt. Khosravani explained that he needed to make sure the route he used to get the woman wouldn’t harm her.

Khosravani said the woman was plainly weary as she was dragged into the boat and had trouble getting aboard it. They discovered the woman was naked and chilly once she boarded, so the other women aboard the boat got a dry towel and blanket to warm her up. The woman didn’t say much to Khosravani, but he was able to affirm that there was no one else in the water they needed to seek for.

Responders came in seven minutes after he placed a distress call over the radio. The woman was sent to the hospital and spent three days there recovering. Khosravani went out for a late-night swim when she was pushed away from the shore and unable to swim back, according to officials.

“In his perspective, depending on the woman’s health, the captain of the [rescue]boat claimed she didn’t have much time left,” Khosravani said.

Khosravani came just in time, as serious tiredness and hypothermia were setting in. He believes that if the incident had occurred at a different time of year, the woman might not have survived as long. He mentioned that the water temperature is at its warmest point. This is a condensed version of the information.


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