After “ridiculous lineups and food shortages,” children are heading to school “without eating.”


After “ridiculous lineups and food shortages,” children are heading to school “without eating.”

According to some parents, children are facing days at school with “no meals” due to crazy lines and a lack of options.

Parents of students at Sutton Academy and Rainhill High have expressed their displeasure with the “ridiculous” lines that prevent many of their children from eating their dinner during their 30-minute lunch periods.

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As a result, many parents bring their children to school with packed lunches, claiming that if they didn’t, their children “wouldn’t get fed.”

“My daughter takes sandwiches because the lineups are so lengthy that she can never get dinner,” said Gemma Greenhall, a mother of a Sutton Academy student.

Jayne Harris, whose daughter attends Rainhill High, echoed this sentiment.

Due to the limited amount of time available, she stated that her daughter had “not had lunch once” since returning to school this academic year.

While other parents claim that their children have no trouble receiving lunch, they are disappointed with the lunchtime options accessible to them.

Rebecca Bridge, mother of two Sutton students, ages 12 and 13, said her children have never had a problem acquiring food; the problem is with what they eat.

“I believe they only get half an hour/45 minutes at Sutton, but they have no trouble getting food,” Rebecca remarked. However, because it has run out, they may not always receive what they want.

”Some mornings my son doesn’t enjoy breakfast so he gets a snack at break, which is fine, but he only gets 30 minutes for his dinner and says it’s pizza every day, which he doesn’t like,” Corinne Lloyd told The Washington Newsday.

“Sometimes, by the time he gets to the front of the line for lunch, there is either nothing left or it is closing, and it’s time to return to class.

“He usually comes home unwell or with a headache because he hasn’t eaten.”

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