After returning $50,000 he found on the side of the road, a teen is hailed as a national hero.


After returning $50,000 he found on the side of the road, a teen is hailed as a national hero.

After returning $50,000 he found on the side of the road to its rightful owner in Liberia’s northeastern Nimba County, a kid has been lauded as a national hero.

On Thursday, Emmanuel Tuloe, an 18-year-old motorcycle taxi driver, told the Associated Press that he found the money on his motorcycle on a highway on Tuesday. The cash was wrapped in a plastic bag and had been dropped by its owner by accident.

“I was worried since there was so much,” Tuloe explained, “so I took it home and gave it to my aunty to hold until the owner could ask for it.”

Tuloe claimed he was able to return the money to its rightful owner the same day, and he has been hailed as a hero by many for his actions.

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Musu Yancy, the businesswoman who had lost the money, went on the radio on Tuesday “crying for her money and begging to anyone who finds it,” according to him.

As a result, he presented it to her.

While many Liberians applaud his acts, Tuloe claims that others, including some friends, mock him for doing something unconventional in the post-war country.

He said he dropped out of seventh grade to start a taxi service on his motorcycle to make money.

“When I suffer a breakdown on the highway and some of my riding friends see me, they refuse to aid, claiming that I acted foolishly in looking for and returning money. I should use the money to my advantage “From his hometown of Gbolor Dialla, on the border with Ivory Coast, he told the Associated Press.

“They tell me I’ll never be wealthy in my lifetime because I returned so much money; they say I’ll live and die impoverished.”

He further claimed that he has received threats as a result of his activities.

“I have to defend myself,” he explained.

He, on the other hand, stands solid in his integrity, recommending others to return any money, telephones, or other valuables they may uncover.

“They should return it if the owner requests since we don’t know what the future holds,” he said.

Yancy said he gave the youngster $1,500 in cash and materials as a reward.

He said, “We had a tremendous party together.”

He will stop after the euphoria has passed. This is a condensed version of the information.


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