After residents raised the alarm, fire crews rushed to the flat flames.


After residents raised the alarm, fire crews rushed to the flat flames.

A fire broke out in the early hours of today morning at a home in St Helens, prompting firefighters to hurry to the scene.

At 3.03 a.m. on Thursday, October 14, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service was called to a flat on Pollitt Crescent in Clock Face.

Crews arrived eight minutes later, at 3.11 a.m., to find a fire in a ground floor flat’s kitchen.

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Before emergency personnel came, residents reported hearing an alarm go off in an adjacent building for around half an hour.

“The individual whose alarm is going off about Clockface is everything okay or does anyone know if where the alarm is originating from is okay?” one local said on a neighborhood Facebook group.

It’s been going off for almost a half-hour now; I’m not sure what alarm it is, but it sounds like a fire alarm or a house alarm, and I can hear it all over the four-acre property.”

The author told the Facebook page that emergency personnel had arrived at the area shortly after the original post.

“On arrival personnel found a fire in the kitchen of a ground floor property,” a Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service representative told The Washington Newsday. The fire was swiftly put out by firefighters.

“Firefighters assessed one person on the site, but she did not require hospital treatment.”

“At 4.21 a.m., firefighters left the scene.”

The incident is not being investigated as suspicious, according to Merseyside Police, and no one was harmed.


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