After remarking that dogs in restaurants are ‘too much,’ comedian Chris Addison has sparked debate.


After remarking that dogs in restaurants are ‘too much,’ comedian Chris Addison has sparked debate.

Chris Addison, a comedian, has gone viral after expressing his response to seeing a dog in a restaurant on Twitter.

Since it was released on Wednesday evening, it has gotten dozens of reactions, indicating that it has definitely divided the public’s opinion.

Chris Addison tweeted to his 375,000 followers that he had seen a dog being fed ‘titbits’ by its owners in a restaurant.

It was ‘too much,’ according to the former star of The Thick of It, who is also known for appearing on panel series like Mock the Week.

“I know everyone has a puppy now, and I get it – they’re wonderful,” he wrote in his post. But I was having tea in a restaurant this evening, and two individuals at the next table had a dog with them IN THE RESTAURANT, which would place its paws on the table and be fed titbits. “You’re overdoing it, man.” Some of his followers agreed with one of his responses, with @helengredal responding, “The lesson of this thread is: not everyone loves your dog or your child.” Please consider seriously before letting your loved one to encroach on others, especially if you have a dog.

“Restaurants, please inform diners of your policies ahead of time so that they can make informed decisions.”

“I can’t believe some of these comments!” replied @Lesley Faith. Children are individuals, and dogs are pets.

“There is a significant difference between feeding a dog from a restaurant table and doing the same with a child.” Leaving your dog at home is not a good idea. It has no place in a restaurant.” Others, such as @JockCollins1, defended taking their dogs to restaurants, saying, “We were in France (arguably a greater nation of pet living vets than the UK) and took our dog to a dog-friendly Michelin starred restaurant: we took a blanket for him to lie on and treats to keep him occupied – no bad dogs, only bad parents.”

“My dog is far better behaved than some kids,” @accountantfaith concurred in a tweet. As a result, I won’t be leaving him at home.” Do you mind if dogs accompany you to a restaurant or do you believe they should be left at home? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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