After rehabilitation, the ‘hairy mould’ house on Homes Under the Hammer is unrecognizable.


After rehabilitation, the ‘hairy mould’ house on Homes Under the Hammer is unrecognizable.

In a spectacular restoration, a house that had fallen into full disrepair and ruin was brought back to life.

The three-bedroom Warrington cottage shown on BBC One’s Homes Under the Hammer appeared to have been abandoned for decades.

According to Cheshire Live, the cottage, which had a suggested price of £90,000, was purchased by a developer and transformed into a family house with an estimated value of up to £300,000 thanks to a new modern interior.

A man who was arrested in Tesco for using a £100 coin has been awarded £5,000 in damages.

The house was in desperate need of remodeling, and host Martel Maxwell was quick to spot the flaws, beginning with the two reception rooms.

She stated, ” “On that extremely busy route, it’s back to brick, with single-glazed windows, therefore you’d want new double-glazed windows installed.

“They weren’t kidding when they suggested the auction catalogue needed a total overhaul.

“Apart from a few pieces of retro-looking furniture, there’s nothing that can stay here. However, the windows and doors must be replaced.” The speaker went on to say: “The kitchen didn’t give much more optimism, though, with its rotting old cabinets and moldy walls not making for good sight.

“The situation isn’t getting any better; this place is on the verge of collapsing.

“There’s hairy mould in spots, and it feels moist for a long time, and it’s all over the place.

“Everything has to go,” says the narrator, “but then I get to the bedrooms, which isn’t great.”

The narrow staircase leading to the three bedrooms and bathroom at the back of the house was barely wide enough for someone to climb up.

“It’s a really strange arrangement here and it doesn’t work,” he continued, “but if there’s a plus, it’s that you’ve got a reasonably big footprint; you just have to start over.”

The expert presenter recommended consulting an architect and a structural engineer to determine the next steps, with the goal of repositioning the staircase to increase the amount of room upstairs.

The deteriorating bathroom was the worst of the lot, causing Martel to exclaim, “You know how I like to say ‘can you salvage something,’ ‘can you give it a clean-up,’ not here..”

The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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