After raids on a drugs safehouse and a property in Liverpool, a gun smuggler escaped to another country.


After raids on a drugs safehouse and a property in Liverpool, a gun smuggler escaped to another country.

After his Liverpool drugs network was busted, a fugitive gun smuggler escaped to the Netherlands.

After months of surveillance, Daniel Burdett went on the run after seeing police round up his colleagues.

He progressed from supplying drugs to sending ‘assassin kits’ to the UK while eluding the law.

Daughter laundered tens of thousands of pounds for her father, a thief.

Burdett was sentenced to 25 years in prison last week after being found guilty of guns violations and admitting to narcotics offenses.

The cocaine and ketamine plan he ran between February and June of 2014 was responsible for five years of his sentence.

That was brought down by an undercover police operation that had been following Burdett and his accomplices for months and had swooped in three times to seize cocaine.

Burdett looked to be running a network of dealers out of his Vauxhall home on Railside Court.

One of his lieutenants was apprehended on nearby Snowdon Lane and found with 240 grams of cocaine and almost 18 grams of ketamine; two others were apprehended on Water Street in the city centre and found with 248 grams of cocaine; and a raid on a safehouse on Leicester Road in Bootle yielded £4,000 and cocaine-tainted equipment.

There was a total of 576.22 grams of cocaine, 17.58 grams of ketamine, and 140.2 grams of the mixing component benzocaine recovered.

On June 12, 2014, the warrant was carried out in Bootle. On the same day, Burdett’s house was raided, but he was not present.

It took police more than five and a half years to apprehend him.

Despite this, he continued to cause problems for the UK’s law enforcement services during that time.

Burdett was linked to much of the seized drugs, according to DNA found on the packaging of the recovered products, said Keith Sutton before Manchester Crown Court this week.

His DNA was also linked to two smuggled gun cargoes into England in 2018.

Six firearms were discovered stashed in a Peugeot vehicle transported into Dover on the back of a low loader in April.

Glocks, handguns, and a revolver were among the weapons seized, each packaged separately with ammunition and silencers -. “The summary has come to an end.”


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