After purchasing a scratchcard with spare change, Dad has amassed a £300,000 fortune.


After purchasing a scratchcard with spare change, Dad has amassed a £300,000 fortune.

When a skilled fisherman pulled in the top prize of £300,000 on a National Lottery scratchcard, he made a catch to remember.

On his way home from work, Graham Potts, 56, stopped by his local One Stop and purchased the Jewel Smash scratchcard with some spare change from his pocket.

The Cheshire father of three, who works as a traffic management engineer, waited until he returned home before scratching the card.

: There are nine lottery prizes up for grabs, including two Merseyside tickets.

“I saw the number three and just believed I had won £3,” he explained. Then I started seeing zeros, but I assumed I was seeing double or that I had won £300.

“At that point, I figured I’d just call Camelot and get things straightened out.” I was simply checking, double-checking, and triple-checking.

“I couldn’t believe it when the person on the phone told me it was a £300,000 reward.” I’ve suddenly gone completely silent. I couldn’t decide whether to laugh, cry, or scream!” Graham stated he had a glass of beer before retiring to bed, knowing he had to get up early the next morning for work.

“I went into work because everything still didn’t feel genuine,” he continued.

“I just wanted to get back to work and try to maintain things as normal as possible.”

However, as Graham returned home that night, things began to set in a little more, and he began to make plans for how he would spend part of his newfound wealth.

New fishing equipment, as well as pampering his family, which includes his two daughters, Megan, 22, and Tiffany, 24, and son Joe, 27, is on his shopping list.

Graham, who lives in a one-bedroom rental property in Sandbach, says he has no plans to move, but that he may use some of the money from his win to purchase his home.

He also intends to purchase a new van to transport his fishing gear.

“I never imagined I’d be £300,000 richer when I strolled inside the shop on my way home from work,” he remarked.

“You always aspire to win – and I would have been satisfied.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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