After police discovered £43k in cannabis in a loft, the men attempted to flee.


After police discovered £43k in cannabis in a loft, the men attempted to flee.

Two guys were apprehended fleeing a property where authorities discovered almost £43,000 worth of cannabis drying in the loft.

Merseyside Police officers were investigating a strong cannabis odor emanating from a residence in Prenton when they noticed the males rushing out of the back onto Singleton Avenue.

They pursued the men, Argon Cela and Xhuliano Kryemadhi, and were able to apprehend and detain them.

A ‘barbaric’ kidnapper was apprehended in jail with a cellphone.

Cela and Kryemadhi were sentenced to prison today after confessing to possessing cannabis with the purpose to distribute it.

They had only arrived at the property a few days before the police raid on August 17 this year, according to Liverpool Crown Court, and were to be given cash for caring after the drying crop.

Prosecutor Paul Blasbery stated that after being alerted to the smell of cannabis, police went into the premises’ loft and discovered the drying plants.

They weighed a total of just under three pounds and had a street value of £43,635 when they were later analyzed.

When the defendants were interviewed, Cela, 26, remained silent. Kryemadhi, 22, denied committing the crime but admitting to being there at the location. He claimed he had only arrived the day before and had not detected any cannabis odors.

“He indicated he was not put under coercion or threat, and there was no evidence of drug providing or production on their phones,” Mr Blasbery added.

The guys, who appeared via video connection with the assistance of an interpreter, have no prior convictions, according to Ciara McElvogue, the defense attorney.

“They were looking after drugs and were caretakers for a few days before their arrest,” Ms McElvogue added. They were to be compensated for their participation with a little sum of money.

“Under guidance, they fulfilled a very limited function. They have nothing to do with the distribution or supply of marijuana.”

Cela, of north London, and his co-accused, of Sevenoaks, Kent, were sentenced to 20 weeks in prison after pleading guilty to being at the premises on two days, according to Judge David Potter.

“You were there to watch after the plants as they dried, but you weren’t engaged in their manufacturing or,” he explained.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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