After picking something up at the park, the baby was brought to the hospital.


After picking something up at the park, the baby was brought to the hospital.

After picking up a “disturbing” object at a nearby park, a baby was transported to the hospital.

Anna Wilson was with her two youngest children at their local park on Ovington Drive in Southport when she put her infant down the slide.

She noticed he was holding something in his hand as she turned around.

While shooting it, the lads giggle as they reverse the car and repeatedly slam it into the home.

On closer investigation, the mother of four discovered that her one-year-old had gotten his hands on a used syringe.

Bobby, Anna’s kid, had similarly cut his hand on the bottom of the slide after picking it up.

According to The Washington Newsday, the 32-year-old said: “Everything happened in a flash. We went to the park because we live directly across from it and have never had any difficulties or saw anything suspicious there before.

“I brought them to the park and placed Bobby, my younger kid, down the slide before turning around to send Joey, my older son, down the slide. When I looked around, Bobby had grabbed something.

“‘Oh, what is that?’ I wondered. When it comes to one-year-olds, they try to eat everything. He had the needle of the syringe in his hand and had scraped it on his palm when I looked.

“Because it had drawn blood where he had clutched it in his palm and scraped him, I had a nervous breakdown and worried right immediately. Fortunately, there was another fella there, so I snatched it from him and lashed it, after which he picked it up and threw it away.

“I was then terrified about getting him to A&E because you instinctively assume the worse. It was clearly a needle that had been used for something. I was simply pondering everything.

“Because I was so panicked, I dashed home, grabbed my phone, and drove him directly to A&E. Fortunately, they took his blood and sent the findings over, stating that everything was OK and that he was fully fine.

“He’s received his hepatitis B shot, so the chances of him contracting it are slim. Now all I have to do is keep an eye on him.

“If he’s sick, it’s because of us.”

The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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