After Parliament approves the opposition’s budget, Sweden’s first female prime minister resigns.


After Parliament approves the opposition’s budget, Sweden’s first female prime minister resigns.

Magdalena Andersson, Sweden’s first female prime minister, resigned on Wednesday after her coalition partner, the Green Party, withdrew from the two-party minority government following a budget defeat in parliament.

The Swedish parliament has rejected the government’s budget proposal in favor of the opposition’s, which includes the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats, a group with Neo-Nazi roots, according to the Associated Press.

The budget, which was adopted by a vote of 154 to 143, aims to lower taxes, raise police salaries, and fund Sweden’s justice system.

After the budget defeat, Green Party members stated it was in their best interests to withdraw their support for Andersson, claiming they couldn’t sit in a government that approved the Sweden Democrats’ plan.

Andersson explained that it is a constitutional requirement for a coalition government to resign if one of the parties decides to leave, and she is following that rule.

“It’s about respect for me, but I also don’t want to lead a government where its legitimacy is called into question,” Andersson said during a press conference.

She also stated that she is still interested in leading a one-party socialist administration.

Andreas Norlen, the Speaker of the Swedish Parliament, said he will contact the country’s eight party leaders “to examine the situation,” and that they will reveal their plans on Thursday.

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Despite withdrawing its support for her administration, the Green Party says it is ready to back Andersson in a new vote to choose a prime minister.

The Greens, on the other hand, argued it was in the party’s best interests to withdraw support for her following the budget defeat in parliament.

“We have a united party behind us that says we can’t be part of a government that implements a policy that [the Sweden Democrats]negotiated. We must be proud to look our voters in the eyes “As the Green Party elected to resign from the government, Marta Stenevi, a spokesman for the party, remarked.

“That is something we profoundly regret,” said Per Bolund, another Green Party official.

Andersson had declared earlier in the day that she could “govern the country with the opposition’s budget.”

The budget was passed based on the government’s own plan, but only from the 74 billion kronor ($8.2 billion) that the government had proposed. This is a condensed version of the information.


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