After more than two hours, a dog trapped in a drainage pipe was freed by rescuers.


After more than two hours, a dog trapped in a drainage pipe was freed by rescuers.

Hubert, a 4-year-old dog nicknamed Bubba, was locked in an underground pipe at a suburban Boston park for more than two hours on Wednesday. The Boston Fire Department and other organizations collaborated to release the dog and restore him to his owner.

Crew members utilized a camera to locate the dog’s location, according to a tweet from the Boston Fire Department. According to Boston 25, Bubba’s owner, who wishes to stay unidentified, was particularly moved by the rescue.

“He is our child; we don’t have any,” the proprietor explained.

Bubba has been with his rescue family for four years, and they say he is “shy and apprehensive” but “very well tempered.”

When Bubba was off his walker’s leash, he got afraid and ran inside the drainpipe, according to the outlet. Bubba’s weight made the rescue attempt difficult, and when he was summoned by his owners, he reportedly went deeper into the pipe.

“He’s a bit overweight, like some of us, and it’s a 16-inch pipe, so he can’t move back, so we kept hitting him in the backside,” Boston Drain’s Chris Fall told Boston 25. “They were able to be pulled out of the manhole by the firemen.” Crews assisted Bubba in returning to the pipe’s entrance, and he was liberated just as the pipe split.

The owner told Boston 25: “I really can’t thank the fire department and everyone who helped out enough.” “This is one fortunate dog. It’s incredible.” This isn’t the only good finish to an animal rescue mission.

According to the Washington Newsday, a Michigan firefighter adopted a stray kitten he assisted in rescuing from a storm drain in August. The kitten could be heard whimpering from the drain, and while police officers could hear it, they couldn’t see it.

Brandon Mulvaney arrived to the scene with the other firefighters, who realized the kitty was trapped below. They devised a way to remove the kitten, only to discover that it was going through another, smaller pipe.

When the kitten peered around the pipe, Mulvaney noticed it and swiftly grabbed it to get it out. This is a condensed version of the information.


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