After mistaking the exit door for the toilet, a 10-year-old child falls off a moving train and dies.


After mistaking the exit door for the toilet, a 10-year-old child falls off a moving train and dies.

In India, a 10-year-old child died after mistaking the exit door for a bathroom and falling off a speeding train.

On Tuesday, the tragedy occurred in Kerala, India’s southernmost state. At the time of the tragedy, the youngster was traveling with his family on the Kochuveli-Nilambur Rajya Rani Express from Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital.

According to Mathrubhumi, the victim, Muhammad Ishan, told one of his family members that he needed to go to the bathroom.

When Ishan’s grandfather, who was sleeping at the time, noticed the youngster had fallen, he pulled the train’s chain to stop it. The family members began looking for the youngster as the train came to a stop, but were unable to find him right away.

Locals who live near the train tracks raced to the situation and discovered the youngster. The infant was brought to the hospital and pronounced dead. The boy’s spinal cord and head were severely injured, according to medical doctors.

According to The Times of India, an autopsy was performed before the child’s body was handed over to the family.

Along with his grandfather, the kid was accompanied by his aunt. The victim’s parents were not with him because his mother was expecting, according to sources.

The boy’s grandfather, who had an emotional breakdown while speaking to the media, claimed that if he had accompanied him to the bathroom, he could have saved the boy.

A 13-year-old boy died in August after falling from a mountain while trying to get a cell network so he could attend online school.

The incident occurred in Odisha, a state in eastern India. Andriya Jagaranga was recognized as the victim. Because mobile coverage in his hamlet was weak, the child used to climb up a nearby mountain on a regular basis. He was accompanied by three of his buddies on the day of the incident, who were also taking online lessons. According to local media, the kid lost his balance, slipped, and died. According to other sources, the child lost his balance since it was raining excessively in the region.


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