After making a discovery in a house raid, a gardener’s ‘fall from grace’ begins.


After making a discovery in a house raid, a gardener’s ‘fall from grace’ begins.

After a falling out with his family, a gardener turned his green fingers to cannabis growth.

After agreeing to work for drug dealers, Robbie Wright, 29, oversaw a cannabis field that could have grown to be worth £27,000.

He was trained as a gardener and landscaper through his family’s horticultural firm, but he used his abilities to a nefarious purpose by overseeing a farm at a property in Ormskirk town centre.

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When police raided the property on Stanley Street, they discovered drugs in various stages of growth in four rooms, catching him off guard.

Mark Stephenson, prosecuting, told Preston Crown Court that on April 27, 2019, officers executed a narcotics warrant at the premises.

A total of 49 plants were retrieved, with a potential output of £27,000, and the setup included ventilation systems, lighting, and heating equipment to facilitate growth.

Wright was there and arrested at the scene, despite the fact that he had no prior convictions.

He was charged with making a Class B narcotic and abstracting electricity, both of which he acknowledged to at a previous Preston Magistrates Court hearing.

He pleaded guilty to a new allegation of being involved in the supply of cannabis at a hearing on Tuesday.

David Birrell, defending, claimed that messages on Wright’s phone showed he was following directions from someone higher up the chain and had complained about their treatment.

Wright, of Lord Sefton Way in Great Altcar, had acquired his trade through the family business and obtained landscaping qualifications before working as a golf course greenkeeper and tree surgeon, according to him.

He is currently employed as a tyre installer.

“It’s fair to say he comes from a good background, he went to good schools, he was in solid work for a long time, but things broke apart for him around 2019 or thereabouts,” Mr Birrell continued.

“After a falling out with his father, he fled home and began taking too much marijuana, clouding his judgment.

“Thankfully, he’s worked things out with his parents, he’s treated his cannabis addiction, and he’s trying to go on with his life.”

Early on, Judge Guy Mathieson stated. “The summary has come to an end.”


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