After Kim Tate’s demise, Emmerdale’s Meena is on the verge of falling apart.


After Kim Tate’s demise, Emmerdale’s Meena is on the verge of falling apart.

Following her attempt to frame Kim for Andrea’s death, Emmerdale fans believe Meena is doomed.

Following the discovery of her and Andrea’s troublesome connection, Kim was questioned by police in last night’s episode.

Kim was quickly identified as a prime suspect and taken into custody.

Three Emmerdale cast members are rumored to be departing the ITV series.

Kim was eventually able to prove she couldn’t have killed Andrea because she was found at the solicitor’s office at the time of her death.

Kim was relieved to be free, but she wondered why she had been detained in the first place.

According to LeedsLive, those who are used to Kim Tate’s domineering personality believe Meena has finally chosen a war she can’t win and that this could be the start of the serial killer’s demise.

Meena had already made a mistake this week, attempting to murder Priya in the hospital but being stopped by a nurse.

There’s also the matter of the sign and flare-gun found in the maze, which enthusiasts believe have Meena’s fingerprints on them.

“Soon you might wish I’d just left you all alone as I wish I’d left Vic to drown,” Meena says to Jacob tonight.

Following Meena’s statements, Kim was questioned.

Fans, on the other hand, were perplexed that Kim was arrested as a result of the comments.

One perplexed observer wrote: “So they arrested Kim for Andrea’s murder based only on Meena’s hearsay and the fact that they had ZERO evidence against her???

…. The next time I watch 24 Hours In Police Custody, I’ll be on the lookout for this bull situation!!!!!” “The thicko copper arresting Kim with no proof whatsoever in the meantime they couldn’t discover sod all evidence when Leanna died even though Meena’s fingerprints were presumably all over the crime scene,” a second added.

Other fans hoped Kim would find out about Meena’s participation and lash back.

“Come on, hurry up and tell Kim it was Meena who set her up – I want her to get her!!!” one wrote.

Gabby has also gone into labor and given birth to a baby boy, making it a memorable evening for Kim.

Gabby, Bernice, and Diane are all present and accounted for. “The summary has come to an end.”


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