After juvenile thugs destroy car window, terrified mother feels ‘overwhelmed.’


After juvenile thugs destroy car window, terrified mother feels ‘overwhelmed.’

A concerned nurse said she was “overwhelmed” by the generosity and assistance she received after her car window was damaged by a gang of young thugs.

Emma Armstrong, 45, was driving through Cheshire Oaks on Sunday afternoon when the tragic occurrence occurred (September 12)

The nursing assistant at the Countess of Cheshire Hospital said she and her son planned to go to McDonald’s before coming home after picking up her son from work.

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“As we were chatting, there was this big bang,” Emma, who lives in Ellesmere Port, told The Washington Newsday. What the hell was that, we were like s**t?

“I came to a complete halt and both of us got out of the car.”

They were approached by a gang of roughly 12 youths as they exited the car.

“They were all laughing and saying things like, ‘Oh gosh, what happened to your car?’” she explained.

“They were all blaming each other and claiming the other was the one who did it.

“I’ve just been driving since Christmas, when I passed my test. It worried me to have that happen while I was still learning to drive.”

Emma was visibly scared when a kind female McDonald’s employee approached her and informed her that the police had been contacted.

“She was simply absolutely amazing,” Emma remarked. We weren’t even at McDonald’s when someone threw a stone at their car, and she was already with someone.

“As soon as she said it, these youngsters all bolted.”

Emma later reported receiving a call from Cheshire Police informing her that three people had been arrested and charged with criminal damage.

She said she was “overwhelmed” by the warm reactions she received after sharing images of the damage to her car on an Ellesmere Port Facebook page.

“I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone on here who gave help and support after my back windscreen was smashed at Cheshire Oaks on Sunday,” Emma wrote.

“Some of the inboxed messages of aid I received from people I’d never met simply overwhelmed me.”

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