After inspectors discovered safety flaws, the care service was told to improve.


After inspectors discovered safety flaws, the care service was told to improve.

Inspectors found safety flaws that put individuals in its care at risk, therefore a care provider in Runcorn has been warned it needs to improve.

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission visited I Care (GB) Limited, which is headquartered in The Heath Business Park, and concluded that it needed to improve (CQC).

Inspectors discovered that the business, which was providing personal care to 80 adults in their own homes at the time, had “severe gaps” in its management and risk assessment and mitigation.

The following are some of the safety concerns mentioned in the recently released inspection report:

Some patients, particularly those with complex needs, lacked care plans.

The dangers of falling and moving around had not traditionally been considered. Despite the fact that one person had just been hospitalized due to a fall, their risk assessment for safe handling has not been updated since 2019.

Medicines were not always administered in a safe manner. Inspectors discovered evidence that some employees were leaving patients’ medications out for them to take when they left for the day. Medicines that were supposed to be taken at certain times were not always taken at those times. There was also no procedure in place to ensure that new service users received the proper medicines.

There were not always enough appropriately competent personnel to meet people’s care and assistance needs.

Not all employees had received official infection prevention and control training, including Covid-19-specific training.

Leadership was discovered to be lacking. The report said: “We were not fully assured the registered manager was committed to continuous learning and improving care.”

A spokesperson for the service said: “We accept many of the findings in the CQC report and acknowledge that there is room for improvement in our service.

“The inspection took place in March 2021 after an especially difficult period in which many of our regular staff had been off work, either self-isolating or in some cases with Covid-19.

“The situation was difficult, and our staff team ensured that our service users received the best service possible under the circumstances.

“The CQC factual accuracy process was complied with and our comments on. Summary ends.


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