After his mother dumped him in an 80-foot pit toilet with the intent to kill him, a newborn was rescued.


After his mother dumped him in an 80-foot pit toilet with the intent to kill him, a newborn was rescued.

On Thursday, a newborn was recovered from an 80-foot pit toilet on a farm near Nairobi, Kenya, hours after his mother put him there.

When a female employee went to the restroom to relieve herself, the incident was discovered. She heard a baby sobbing and immediately told the farm owner, who promptly contacted Kirinyaga County police, according to K24TV.

The Nairobi Star reported a police officer as stating, “When a worker went to the bathroom, she heard a baby crying and without hesitation notified the owner of the farm, named as Njue, and when he confirmed that there was a baby in the pit, he alerted us of the occurrence without any hesitation.”

Before beginning the rescue attempt, police arrived on the spot and removed the concrete floor that covered the pit.

“We were in a battle against the clock to save the baby’s life. The rescue effort was finished in less than 30 minutes, according to the officer.

The baby was brought to a local hospital after being rescued and is currently undergoing care.

The child’s mother allegedly dropped her baby boy into the hole with the purpose of killing him, according to police. She then ran away from the scene. As of Friday, the mother was still missing.

According to the magazine, Kirinyaga Central Subcounty Police Commander Johnstone Mwarigha said, “We are following the culprit who is still at large.”

The baby’s age was unknown, and the reason for the child’s abandonment was being probed.

“We are still doing inquiries and will provide further information as soon as we have a better understanding of the situation,” Mwarigha stated.

After his mother discarded him soon after giving birth, a newborn infant was recovered from a 15-foot deep, snake-infested septic tank in Kenya last year. When a passer-by heard the infant sobbing, he peered into the tank, where he discovered the newborn surrounded by two snakes. The adjacent homeowners were immediately alerted, and one of them used a ladder to enter the tank, wrap the kid in a cloth, and rescue the newborn.


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