After her pet dog choked on a goodie at the pub, a woman sets out on a mission.


After her pet dog choked on a goodie at the pub, a woman sets out on a mission.

After her own terrible experience, one woman was inspired to become certified in dog first aid in order to help other dog owners around Liverpool and beyond.

Yvonne Jones works as a forensic accountant during the day, but she also runs a Dog First Aid Merseyside franchise.

There are many reasons for canine first aid, but she wishes to teach others in life-saving techniques because “there is no ambulance coming for your dog,” she says.

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She provides face-to-face or virtual training, as well as the necessary equipment, around Merseyside, and is aided by Cassie, her dummy dog, to provide first-hand experience of CPR on an animal.

Yvonne has been spreading the word in local parks, but she recently shared her knowledge with the next generation of dog owners at a Runcorn school.

The Dog First Aid Merseyside Facebook page has information on how people may sign up for a course.

Yvonne left the workshop last year puzzled how her dogs were still alive after being officially certified in dog first aid.

Chewie, her then 18-month-old puppy, choked on a treat he was given at a pub three years ago, starting her adventure.

No one knew how to help him, and Yvonne admitted that it was more luck than skill that she was able to dislodge the treat and allow him to breathe again.

The 46-year-old detailed the terrifying encounter and how she immediately began looking for classes afterward.

“It crossed my mind that, while I knew about paediatric first aid and mental health first aid, I didn’t know if there was a course to assist rescue my dog,” she told TeamDogs.

“So later that day, not knowing if it was a thing or not, I Googled first aid for dogs and discovered that it was something I could perform. But the courses were all so far away, and I figured I’d be fine because lightning never strikes twice.”

Yvonne was mistaken.

She was called to rescue another dog, Indiana, about a year after the first incident.

describing her second pet with affection, The summary comes to a close.


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