After hearing noises, a Nintendo burglar approached a woman on the stairs.


After hearing noises, a Nintendo burglar approached a woman on the stairs.

During a harrowing raid in the middle of the day, a woman was met by a thief climbing up the stairs of her home.

Today, police are looking for two guys who escaped with a Nintendo DS console after being detected by the property owner after she went downstairs to investigate “noises” at 1.40 p.m. on Thursday.

After the “very unpleasant occurrence,” police said the victim was being supported and encouraged the public to assist discover the burglars responsible for the burglary in Pex Hill, Cronton, not far from Leighton Observatory.

After a gun was discovered stuffed inside a bag for life, a 60-year-old man was prosecuted.

“Detectives are asking for information following a hostile burglary in Cronton, Widnes yesterday,” a Merseyside Police spokesperson said.

“A female inhabitant of a residence in Pex Hill, on the boundary between Merseyside and Cheshire, reported hearing noises downstairs and being met by a guy walking up the stairs at around 1.40pm. The address was then believed to have been left by two males.

“A Nintendo DS computer console was stolen, and to obtain entry, damage was done to a patio door.”

CCTV, house-to-house, and forensic investigations are still underway.

The man seen by the victim is described as white, 6ft tall, stocky, and dressed in black clothing with a hat and a face covering.

“We’re assisting the victim in what was an extremely sad event,” Detective Sergeant Darren Hankin of Operation Castle, a Merseyside Police response to burglary, said.

“Having an intruder in your home is a horrific situation, and thankfully these individuals left when they were disturbed.”

Witnesses are being requested to come forward, and anyone living in the Pex Hill area should examine their own devices, especially any dashcam or doorbell recordings and photographs.

“Operation Castle has had good success in recent years in reducing burglary, ensuring that fewer people are victims of such a traumatic offence,” Detective Sergeant Hankin continued, “and we’ll continue to take action on all information we receive to find those involved and bring them before the courts.”

Anyone who witnessed something suspicious or lives in the area and has a dashcam or CCTV camera is requested to contact @MerPolCC, 101, or Crimestoppers. The summary comes to a close.


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