After groping a woman’s breasts, a KFC employee accuses her of racism.


After groping a woman’s breasts, a KFC employee accuses her of racism.

When a KFC employee touched a coworker’s breasts, he claimed she was racist for reporting his sexual assault.

In a “predatory” attack, Joseph Puravady followed the woman to a staff room where he knew she would be alone.

Later, the married father had his own adult daughter text the victim, apologizing and asking for forgiveness.

However, the 59-year-old, of Kensington’s Clearwater Close, denied any misconduct and accused the woman of bigotry.

Even after a jury found him guilty of sexual assault, he complained that she was a “bully” with a “grudge” against him.

“The complainant went upstairs to the staff room, and you followed her within a minute,” Judge Anil Murray stated today.

“You testified to the jury that it was a coincidence and that you didn’t see her leave her work station.

“I’m sure it wasn’t by chance that you followed her upstairs, to a place where you knew she’d be alone.

“You must have seen her leave to walk upstairs because your work station was close to hers.

“You approached her from behind, massaged her breasts over her clothing, and tried to kiss her neck once you were upstairs.

“The incident came to an end when she fled in distress.

“You later wrote a note indicating you were deeply sorry for what had happened and expressing your hope for forgiveness.”

In a victim statement read before Liverpool Crown Court, the woman described how the incident affected her physical and mental health.

She was having emotional problems, was having trouble sleeping, had lost trust in others, and was suffering from worry, so she went to her doctor for help.

Puravady was aided in the dock by an interpreter, and his wife and daughter sat in the public gallery to encourage him.

Defending attorney Brendan Carville urged the judge to put any prison sentence imposed on Puravady, who was fired by KFC, on hold.

“I wasn’t trial counsel, but I know a lot about the case,” he said. I know there were some aspects of the case that were unappealing to the defendant, such as the idea that the defendant’s daughter wrote an apologetic text message…”

“And the defendant in his evidence said this was a false allegation, in part,” Judge Murray intervened.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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