After euthanizing five canines in one day, a veterinarian sends a heartfelt message.


After euthanizing five canines in one day, a veterinarian sends a heartfelt message.

A heartbroken veterinarian has shared a message about being asked to put down five “perfectly healthy” pets in one day.

They wanted to remain anonymous and had wanted to share the post for a long time but claimed they hadn’t been “brave enough” until now.

They finally built up the nerve to submit their request on Facebook after watching others make similar pleas on social media, according to Mirror Online.

The doctor stated that euthanizing a dog is a common chore in their line of work, and that all who work there are aware that it is something they would have to do at some point.

However, this veterinarian had to put down five creatures who were not sick, injured, or even old one day.

Rather, they blamed humans, claiming that overpopulation is becoming a serious issue.

“The dogs I put down today were not sick, injured, old, or unhealthy in any way,” they explained. They weren’t wild or aggressive in the least.

“They were wonderful, healthy dogs that lived a regular life.

“There was no reason for them to die today other than that humans failed them because of the current domestic animal overpopulation catastrophe, particularly among dogs, which so few people are willing to acknowledge and try to understand.”

The vet went on to say that it was a difficult topic to broach because they didn’t want to risk animal shelters losing “critical” funding.

The vet went on to say, “The dogs that I put down today were very excited to see me.”

“How fortunate they were to have someone in their kennel paying attention to them, and maybe, just maybe, they’d be taken for a walk – their tails were wagging and everyone was jumping for joy.”

When the vet is asked to conduct this dreadful operation, they claim to have tried everything to make it easier, such as allowing the dogs to stay in their kennels or “doing it on the grass outside so that the dogs can walk for a while to get a final piece of freedom and fresh air.”

The “Summary concludes” by explaining the domestic animal overpopulation dilemma.


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