After declining to pick up an unlawful fee, a taxi driver was racially harassed.


After declining to pick up an unlawful fee, a taxi driver was racially harassed.

A taxi driver in Wirral is racially attacked after refusing to pick up an unlawful fare, according to shocking footage.

The private hire driver, who did not want to be identified, said the event occurred when he was waiting to pick up a fare near the New Brighton promenade in the early hours of Sunday, July 25.

He claims that two males approached him and attempted to enter his locked doors, offering him up to £50 to drive them to Birkenhead.

In a weekend of turmoil on the waterfront, teens were slashed and people were shoved into the docks.

Two males can be seen sprinting towards the cab driver in video footage obtained with The Washington Newsday, who can be heard pulling down his window and asking the men for their names.

One individual appears to slur the name “JD” out of view, to which the taxi driver responds, “no.”

The cab driver informs the man, “It’s for someone else,” but the man responds, “I assured you I just booked it.”

The cab driver is then offered £40 by one of the men, while the other says, “I’ll give you fifty pounds.”

“If you offer me a thousand pounds, I can’t take it,” the cab driver stated.

The two men keep pleading with the taxi driver to take them to Birkenhead, and when he refuses, one of them exclaims, “What the f***, I’m sick of p***s mate.”

As another man walks away in the distance, one of the men walks in front of the vehicle and points at the cab driver, calling him a ‘p***.’

As the taxi driver pulls away, the two men cross the road, and as he drives past them, one of them screams “p***” again as the cab speeds away down the road.

The taxi driver said it was one of numerous encounters he had over the weekend as passengers attempted to hail taxis in the city center and on the Wirral.

“Basically what happened was this Saturday night out, it was a major problem for folks to go back,” the driver told The Washington Newsday.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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