After contracting covid, Mum, 32, was forced to have her hands and feet amputated.


After contracting covid, Mum, 32, was forced to have her hands and feet amputated.

After catching Covid-19, a mother of three had her hands and feet amputated.

Autumn Nugent, 32, is now sharing her story in the hopes of encouraging others to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Autumn contacted Dr. Wesley Ely after she emailed him a video of herself being fitted with prosthetic legs.

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“Covid took her hands and feet,” he stated, according to Hull Live. “Her physical resilience and mental tenacity are my inspiration,” she said in an email to me yesterday. “She sent this of her walking with new legs and said to inform you,” he continued. Covid blood clots can be avoided with a vaccination.” “Covid-19 is a blood vessel disease that can harm your lungs, heart, brain, or any organ,” Dr. Ely explained. Blood clotting robs key organs of their life.

“This patient requested that her story be shared so that others may learn about immunization and seek it.”

Dr. Ely said the virus’s consequences produced blood clots in Autumn’s arms and legs, resulting in burn-like lesions.

In the weeks following her operation, Autumn had physical therapy while taking over 12 different prescriptions every day.

“Her life is forever changed…,” he stated, issuing his own caution to people to obtain the vaccine.

This is the reality of what can happen to someone who is very young and in perfect condition.”

“No matter how hard life throws us curveballs, life carries on.” There is reason to be optimistic about the future. “Her love for her children and sisters is propelling her forward,” he explained.

“There are very few medications with such a favorable safety profile. Patients at Covid want to be vaccinated, and many have requested that you rethink… Do your bit by spreading the word about her story and the message of hope it contains. Make her bravery in sharing worthwhile!” Autumn’s medical care is being paid for through a fundraising.

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