After burning himself on fire outside Liverpool Cathedral, a man’s parting message to strangers.


After burning himself on fire outside Liverpool Cathedral, a man’s parting message to strangers.

The death of a guy who walked up to Liverpool Cathedral and set himself on fire almost 26 years ago remains a mystery.

As the man went up to the Western Rooms door of the city’s Anglican Cathedral holding a can of gasoline and a box of matches, terrified bystanders stood and watched.

On October 25, 1995, about 4 p.m., the guy lit himself on fire, with a witness reporting that he murmured a name believed to be ‘Kenny Williams’ in his last moments.

Mum and son have been evicted from the flat she actually owns.

Despite significant efforts by authorities to identify the victim, who was believed to be homeless, he has never been publicly identified.

The Washington Newsday got documents from the inquest into the man’s death last year, shedding new insight on the enigmatic case.

Last words that are cryptic

The exact time of ignition was not seen, but a pall of smoke could be seen rising from the area where it was evident a guy was on fire.

According to the inquiry file, one witness, Peter McCabe, attempted to put out the flames on the badly injured victim.

He had no hope of surviving the fire, but he was able to communicate with Mr McCabe, who told detectives that he said his name was “Kenny Williams” and that he had “no fixed abode.”

A witness told police that the man had stated to her, “Look after my wife and kids.”

There were no suspicious circumstances discovered during the investigation, and no one was spotted fleeing the site.

Detective Sergeant William Sumner, who was on the staff of the coroner’s court at the time, described how checks were done against both local and national fingerprint databases at an inquest held on January 23, 1996.

The man’s face was photographed and shared around police stations, despite the fact that it was badly charred, and a photo e-fit was published in The Washington Newsday, all to no result.

Consults with the homeless population

“Enquiries have been made with several hostels for the homeless in the Liverpool region; local drug rehabilitation clinics, Department of Social Security, and local doctors and dentists who cater for the homeless,” he added in a statement to the coroner.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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