After breaking into the house, a man discovers a giant black bear at his son’s desk.


After breaking into the house, a man discovers a giant black bear at his son’s desk.

After a black bear broke into his home in Alberta, Canada, a guy had to think quickly.

Sean Reddy posted about his ordeal on Facebook. He reported that as he and his dogs turned the corner of his garage, he noticed the bear standing just outside the open garage door. When the dogs “went after it,” the bear went into the garage, and Reddy put them in a secure place.

He went back outside after alerting his two sons about the bear in the garage, only to find that the bear had out from the garage and strolled around the house. Reddy assumed the bear had left, but then his youngest son informed him that he had heard scratching inside the house. His older son dashed back inside after spotting the bear in the corridor.

“When I went inside to make sure the bear was still there, he was in the hallway and strolled into my son’s room,” Reddy posted on Facebook. “That’s when I climbed the stairs and shut the door behind him! I assumed his window was open because I assumed the bear had entered through it.” The bear popped the screen off the bedroom window of Reddy’s third kid, who was not at home at the time, according to CBC Edmonton’s Radio Active.

He enlisted the assistance of a neighbor, and the two began placing furniture to block the hallway in an attempt to persuade the bear to exit the same way he entered.

The bear eventually departed the premises after meandering out of the house.

Reddy told the radio station, “He seemed quite docile.” “They’re nearly comatose at this time of year. They’re chubby, sluggish, and exhausted.” Black bears go into a feeding frenzy to preparation for hibernation.

The bear’s tour of the neighborhood did not end with Reddy; according to him, the bear went to many houses in the region. He claimed that a neighbor informed him that the bear had been peering into her window and had even entered his parents’ garage.

According to the province’s, black bears can be found in over 75 percent of Alberta, Canada. This is a condensed version of the information.


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