After being without mail for ten days, people are ‘picking up their own post.’


After being without mail for ten days, people are ‘picking up their own post.’

Some homeowners in one Merseyside area allege they haven’t received mail in ten days, with ‘piles’ of mails being delivered all at once.

Residents in Huyton, Knowsley’s L36 region allege they haven’t received mail in a month or more.

The disruption in post in the area is due to unwell employees, according to Royal Mail.

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Due to the delays, several people choose to pick up their mail at the local depot.

When one woman went home from work this week, she found ‘piles’ of mail, including letters dating back to October 15.

She stated, ” “I had just opened the door and was greeted by a big mound of letters scraping across the floor.

“It’s one of those things I didn’t realize until I looked at all the post and letter dates,” says the author.

Another resident of the region stated: “It’s a miracle if we get it once every three weeks! Then you get a bunch of them at once, all from weeks ago. It’s a joke, of course.” “Friends of mine have had to go pick up theirs,” another man explained, “because they don’t have enough employees.” “We are currently experiencing some disruption to service in the L36 postcode region due to higher than usual absence levels due to colleagues being out unwell,” a Royal Mail representative said in a statement to The Washington Newsday.

“We are working to swiftly restore our high service levels and apologize for any inconvenience.”

However, the lack of mail has caused some households to be apprehensive about the holiday season.

According to a woman who has recently relocated to the region, “Wow, there are so many of us in the same situation! We just moved here and weren’t sure if this was normal – my husband just called Royal Mail and they claimed there are “delays in the area.” I can’t imagine the mayhem around the holidays.” Residents in Speke and Hale Village experienced delays in receiving crucial deliveries and letters during the last few weeks, and Huyton isn’t the only region in Liverpool experiencing post problems.

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