After being told to order online, a Chipotle customer pulls out a gun and says, “Better give me my food.”


After being told to order online, a Chipotle customer pulls out a gun and says, “Better give me my food.”

A lady is on the run after pulling a revolver from her purse to demand food at a Chipotle restaurant. Police are scouring CCTV evidence to find her.

When a cashier at a store in northeast Philadelphia told her that the store would have to close due to staff shortages shortly before 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 18, the woman became enraged.

According to authorities, as the Chipotle employee was telling customers that they would have to order online, the lady grabbed a weapon from her purse and threatened that if her meal wasn’t ready, she would return and “there would be a problem.”

The woman demanded to talk to a manager while brandishing the firearm, prompting the employee to press a button that alerted mall security.

According to video obtained inside the business at 2337 Cottman Avenue and released by the Philadelphia Police Department, she then placed the pistol back in her purse.

In an attempt to persuade the woman to leave, a terrified coworker placed the order.

The woman brandished the pistol again as it was being prepared, saying, “someone better give me my meal,” before grabbing her order and departing the store, according to authorities.

The woman and the man she was with are being sought by the Northeast Detective Division.

Customers at Chipotle stated they had seen fewer personnel on the job, but were taken aback by the woman’s actions.

“It’s still crazy that someone pulled out a gun because they couldn’t obtain their food. Richard Joa, of East Falls, told ABC6 Action News, “That’s truly unreal.” “There are definitely some staffing concerns right now. Everything is done online, and it takes an eternity to get your food, but I enjoy Chipotle, so I still go there,” he continued.

“I suppose I’ll just go back to my car and order if I can only order online.” Albert Brown, of northeast Philadelphia, told ABC, “You know it’s the pandemic.”

A rash of violent events have occurred at fast-food restaurants around the country, which authorities say are linked to customer dissatisfaction with staffing shortages caused by the. This is a condensed version of the information.


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