After being told he is dying, Dad, 37, takes a difficult decision.


After being told he is dying, Dad, 37, takes a difficult decision.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, a father does not want to know how long he has left to live.

In February of this year, when Jonathan Silcock received the tragic news that he had pancreatic cancer, the first thing that came to mind was his four-year-old daughter Rosaleah.

The Everton-born 37-year-old initially saw a doctor in 2019 and spent the next two years undertaking comprehensive examinations.

A HGV driver who was “hit by his own car” suffered life-altering injuries.

Jonathan married the love of his life, Chelsea, a few months after the diagnosis, on a day that made their “dreams come true.”

“[Jonathan] has cerebral palsy and has always had health challenges,” Chelsea, 32, told The Washington Newsday.

“He’d been in and out of hospitals for significant periods of time his whole life, so it was nothing new to us.” Then it was confirmed that it was cancer. We weren’t anticipating it, and it took us by surprise.” Jonathan was told by specialists at Aintree Hospital in April that his cancer was terminal and that he only had 18 months to three years to live.

Chelsea added the family has experienced “knockback after knockback” since then, and Jonathan’s cancer has already spread to his oesophagus and lungs.

Jonathan has made the difficult decision to forego finding out how much longer he has to live in order to focus on making memories with his family.

His sister-in-law set up a Gofundme campaign, which has so far raised £3,000.

“It feels like the world is against us, and everything is tumbling down,” Chelsea added.

“It’s not good; all we want to do is be happy and live our lives, but we keep being knocked back after knockback.”

“We’re trying not to think about 18 months to three years, but it’s always on your mind – it may be shorter, but we’re hoping it’ll be longer.” It’s difficult to live every day.

“He doesn’t care how horrible things are getting; he just wants to live each day as it comes.” He isn’t interested in learning because it appears to be terrible news. “The summary comes to an end.”


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