After being released from prison, child rapists slept in houses and hotels near children on a daily basis.


After being released from prison, child rapists slept in houses and hotels near children on a daily basis.

A child rapist regularly broke his sex offenders registry restrictions by staying overnight at homes with children.

Chris Morris, 49, was arrested after tricking a woman he met online by concealing his criminal past and lying to probation and the police about his activities following his release from jail.

Morris, of HMP Preston, was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2006 for rape and repeated sexual assaults on kids under the age of 13. He was then forced to tell authorities whenever he spent more than 12 hours in the company of a minor or stayed at a different residence for seven days in a year.

A mother of four conned her bosses out of £83,000 to fuel her gambling habit.

However, the paedophile began a long-term relationship with a woman who was unaware of the paedophile’s past and who frequently visited the West Lancashire home she lived with her daughter.

He also went on a foreign vacation with the couple and a girl’s friend, stayed in a UK hotel with them and another friend, and was present when other youngsters visited.

Morris’ failure to follow his rules harmed eight children, ranging in age from toddlers to teenagers.

Laura Broome, prosecuting, told Preston Crown Court that the offending extended several years before his arrest and that others in his new life were unaware of his abuse past.

Morris had been left alone with two girls on one occasion, and the mother of one of them claimed he had given them alcohol and spliffs and was photographed with his hand on her waist.

Morris’ deception extended to probation and police visits, according to Ms Broome, as he omitted details of the new connection and failed to notify them of his overnight stays.

Instead, he claimed to be in a long-term relationship with Alison, a lady he had never met.

He said he didn’t want to make the mandatory notifications since he was enjoying his new life when interviewed after his arrest.

Defending, Although Thomas Worfold admitted that “these are very serious offenses,” he requested that they be treated as a single unit. “The summary has come to an end.”


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