After being refused a fare with his girlfriend, a racist thug bit a taxi driver.


After being refused a fare with his girlfriend, a racist thug bit a taxi driver.

A racist thug bit a cab driver before threatening to kidnap and rape the children of a police officer.

After two cabbies refused him and his girlfriend fares due to their “aggressive” behavior, James Ryan became enraged.

John McEneaney was waiting in his hackney cab at a taxi station on Hanover Street in Liverpool city centre, according to Liverpool Crown Court.

He noticed a guy and woman attempting to get into the rear of a cab in front of him, who appeared to be “aggressive” to the driver, who then drove away.

The man – Ryan – then turned to Mr McEneaney and said, “I assume you’re not going to f***ing take us,” according to prosecutor Paul Blasbery.

Mr McEneaney chose to drive away, but Ryan’s girlfriend allegedly bent down in front of his cab, attempting to remove his license plate.

Ryan hurled a derogatory remark at Mr McEneaney before kicking his cab, damaging the fuel cap, and striking his glass in an attempt to break it.

Ryan, 39, then tried to remove the victim’s left wing mirror, according to Mr Blasbery, so the victim got out and said, “Just move away from the cab lad.”

When the cabbie smacked the back of his head, Ryan knocked him over, straddling him and biting the left side of his head.

Ryan, of City Road, Walton, proceeded to “hit him and bite him while he was defenseless on the floor,” according to Mr Blasbery.

Mr McEneaney “to his credit” managed to rise to his feet, he claimed, but Ryan pushed him down and punched him again.

Ryan yelled “I’ve got knives, I’m going to f***ing stab you, you’re only a f***ing pensioner” and grabbed into a holdall as the victim stood up a second time, so Mr McEneaney got back in his cab, shut the doors, and drove away.

On May 23, 2019, at around 11 p.m., he flagged down police on Ranelagh Street, who detained Ryan shortly after the attack.

The sufferer was taken to the hospital for treatment of two “superficial” head wounds and a hepatitis vaccine course, which came out negative.

Ryan was arrested and transferred to a police station, but it was in the early hours of May 24 that he was racially profiled. “The summary has come to an end.”


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