After being discovered covered with fleas and worms, abandoned kittens die.


After being discovered covered with fleas and worms, abandoned kittens die.

After being rescued coated in fleas and with significant worm infestations, two kittens and an adult cat perished within hours.

A Wirral cat charity reported to the RSPCA that they had rescued a female adult cat and two litters of four kittens, four of which were about eight weeks old and two of which were about three weeks old.

On August 24, animal rescuer inspector Helen Smith was dispatched to investigate, and discovered that all of the animals were in bad health, with fleas and bitemarks, as well as major worm infestations.

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Unfortunately, both of the kittens died within hours of each other from flea anemia, and one of the older kittens died from worm compaction, which the vet said as the worst case she had ever seen.

On Monday, September 6, the RSPCA received a report of kittens being left outside Broadway Veterinary Surgery in Kings Lane, Wirral.

Both were flea-infested and had pee stains on their legs, indicating that they had been kept in inhumane conditions, and they were discovered in a brand new cat carrier with the tags still attached.

Two other female cats were discovered discarded outside Parkside Veterinary Surgery in New Ferry on the same day.

Both were in good health, but had bad teeth that need dental treatment, and they were in the same style of new cat carrier.

Helen feels the three cases are connected, and she is concerned that there may be other kittens in similar poor health in the region, or that other people may have adopted kittens with similar health problems.

“It appears to be more than a coincidence that we have three examples of kittens found in bad health within a few miles of one other,” she said.

“The kittens were found in the same brand new cat carriers with the labels still on outside two vets on the same day in the most recent two occurrences.

“I’m quite concerned that these poor kittens’ health has deteriorated to the point that three have perished and the others require immediate veterinarian attention. All of them were terrified and in such a situation.

“It raises some concerns.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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