After being bitten by a spider, Dad was afraid he might die.


After being bitten by a spider, Dad was afraid he might die.

After being hospitalized with sepsis due to a fake widow spider bite, a father worried he would die.

On July 18, football coach Lewis Alp spotted a pea-sized blister on his ankle after training his under-9s team and chalked it up to his trainers rubbing in the heat.

However, over the next few days, the 31-year-old awoke soaked in perspiration, sick, and unable to move, leading him to believe he had had coronavirus.

His wife Chantelle, 36, ordered him to go to A&E when four blisters appeared on his foot and he was left crying while trying to walk down the stairs a week later.

Concerned hospital workers performed blood tests and placed the father of three on an antibiotic IV drip.

Doctors suspected Lewis had been bitten by a false widow spider after his white blood cell count dropped to dangerously low levels.

The father’s ankle expanded into a large wound with a black’slug-like’ shape, as shown in shocking images.

“For a day or so, I truly felt I wasn’t going to make it,” Lewis, from Bradwell, Norfolk, said.

“Even now, when I think about it, it’s extremely upsetting.

“Chantelle claims I’ve changed, and I think it’s affecting my mood.

“I wouldn’t call myself depressed, but it has impacted me harder than I could have expected; it was a terrifying time.”

Lewis, who is the father of Indie, seven, and Harley, eight, and the stepfather of 16-year-old Taylor Dranfield, was training on an artificial grass pitch in Lowestoft, Suffolk, on Sunday afternoon and returned home as usual.

He noticed a small white blister but ignored it, supposing it was the result of wearing ankle socks and footwear in the heat.

“I coach my son’s football team,” Lewis explained. We were playing on a synthetic surface in Lowestoft, and I was fine.

“I didn’t feel anything bite me; that evening, all I had was a small blister that was irritating for a day and then vanished.

“I assumed it was caused by my trainers rubbing against each other.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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